BackCare Lothian Branch

BackCare is a national registered charity which aims to significantly reduce the burden of back and neck pain by providing information and education to all people and organisations affected by back or neck pain, and to fund scientific research into the causes, prevention and management of back and neck pain.   

BackCare Lothian Branch
is a volunteer run organisation, affiliated to the BackCare National charity,  offering help and services within the Edinburgh area. It provides:-

•         Opportunities to meet others with back or other problems and exchange ideas and information

•         Pools with warm water for gentle exercise and swimming. (Please note that due to current Covid Restrictions the pools are not available for use)

•         Library of books and trial of TENS machines

•         Talks on back health and back treatment

•         Newsletter to members

Although our primary focus is helping with back and neck pain, our hydrotherapy and swimming / exercising facilities may be of help to people with other musculoskeletal pain disorders.


Backcare Lothian Privacy Policy please follow this link.

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